Friday 14 July 2017

13th September 2001 Entertainment sale

Looking back through some bon hams catalogues, I found this one-off item for sale. It’s technically moulded from a Dalek that appeared in a McCoy adventure, but since it has been styled after the Movie Daleks, I have listed it here.

Lot 174
A Dalek
manufactured by ‘This Planet Earth’ the black Dalek made from the original mould of a 1988 television Dalek and modified to look like a Dalek from the 1966 film ‘Dalek Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.’ Mounted plaque with engraved wording ‘This Planet Earth Limited’ "The Dalek" from ‘Remembrance Of The Dalek’, taken from the original BBC mouldings. Serial No. 15497/A (signed I Clarke in black marker.) The Daleks device mark copyrighted by BBC/Terry Nation 1963.

Licensed by BBC Worldwide Limited’. This Dalek also has a detachable clavv. Height 170 cm. Base length 115 cm. Base width 88 cm. Head diameter 54 cm.
Estimate £2,000-2,500