Thursday 22 December 2016

Original 1st Doctor times on eBay - December 2016

Looking around on eBay I came across this gorgeous little item.

I do love the styling of the 1960s and the graphics on the box.

Dalek Erazaboard Set 1965 by Bell Toys
Here we have an original 1960's (1965) Bell Toys Dalek Erazaboard Set

Thought to be only 3 or 4 left in existence, this is an item that most of us will not see for sale in our life time. All others that are known about are in private collections not for sale.

Here we bring on the open market one for sale, the piece is a nice display item with the box measuring 490mm x 240mm.

This is complete and comes with

6 x Erazboards
1 x Pack of Chalks
1 x Pack of Wax Crayons
All original 1965 Inner box, lid and bottom box

Considering this is from 1965 it is in great condition, only two parts of the lid have come away - please check pictures - other than that it is complete with all Erazaboards complete.

Thursday 9 June 2016

Bamfords Entertainment Auction -
Rare 1966 Dalek sells for 'record' £38K

Well - who’s have believed it.
The Bamfords auction yesterday turned up a real surprise.

Amongst the lots was an unusual Dalek with an interesting history. It is particualrly noteworthy as having been given away in a competition on the back os Sugar Puff packets to promote Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150AD.

This was one of the few big product placements in the history of Doctor Who, resulting in posters for Sugar Puffs being visible on the streets of the blitzed London.

Well this Sugar Puffs Dalek has sold for a staggering £38K!!!!

You can read more about it on the BBC News website

Thursday 2 June 2016

Bonham auction - 29th June 2016

After Bamfords nipped in earlier this month an stole Bonhams thunder, it’s now time for the summer Film and Entertainment auction at Bonhams in Knightsbridge.

There is a mix of new items; some items previously sold; and some items from previous sales that went unsold, now listed with lower estimates.

For the First Doctor it is all new stuff which I haven’t seen at auction before.

As usual I have separated the items by Doctor era, and you can see the rest of the items here:
Here are just the lots relating to the First Doctor era
Lot 86
Doctor Who: A rare script for 'The Reign Of Terror', Episode Six, 'Prisoners Of Conciergerie',

1964, a camera script, first page with recording details and transmission date of 12th September 1964, mimeographed pages with cast list, technical requirements and running order, 8 x 13in (20.5 x 33cm)

The personal copy of writer Denis Spooner (1932-1986). Spooner wrote for Gerry Anderson's series of Supermarionation puppet shows, including 'Stingray' and 'Thunderbirds'. Spooner worked on 'Doctor Who' during the first series and he is credited with introducing elements of humour into the script.
Estimate £800 - 1,000


Lot 87
Doctor Who: A rare script for 'The Romans', Episode Three, 'Conspiracy',

1964, a camera script, first page with production team, recording details and transmission date of 30th January 1965, with cast list, technical requirements and running order, pale yellow mimeographed pages, 8 x 13in (20.5 x 33cm)

The personal copy of writer Dennis Spooner (1932-1986). See Footnote to previous lot.
Estimate £800 - 1,000


Bamfords Entertainment Auction -
8th June 2016

The summer Film and Entertainment auction at Bonhams is at the end of this month, but before then there is a bonus auction at Bamfords.

I’m not aware of Bamfords selling Doctor Who items before, but their sale next week has twenty-one lots - rivalling any Bonhams auction in recent years.

As usual I have separated the items by Doctor era, and you can see the rest of the items here:
Here are just the lots relating to the First Doctor era

Lot 4012 Coin operated Dalek fairground amusement ride.
Doctor Who - a coin operated Dalek fairground amusement ride, by Edwin Hall & Co,full-size, red paintwork, yellow interior,181cm high, c.1964 - 1967

Sold for £2,800

Lot 4017 - Doctor Who - The Dalek
Doctor Who - The Dalek, ''Dalek Invasion of Earth 2150'', 1966 - a rare original Dalek, red paint work (originally silver), 167cm high. The BBC ...
featured the Dalek in special edition DVD ''Resurrection of the Daleks'' in the 1980's. This was one of 3 Daleks given away by Sugar Puffs in their promotional competition for the second film. Provenance: Bonhams 1992

Sold for £32,000

Lot 4031 - Doctor Who - two canvas Dalek location covers
Doctor Who - two canvas Dalek location covers, c.1966.

Sold for £1,100

Tuesday 24 May 2016

Bonhams FLASHBACK: 24th May 2006
Rock and Roll and Film Memorabilia

It was EXACTLY ten years ago today - during David Tennant‘s first season as The Doctor - there was a sale of Entertainment Memorabilia at Bonhams.

Some 59 Doctor Who lots were on offer (though these inflated by the sale of some 25 artworks from a 1985 book Doctor Who Illustrated A-Z, nearly all of which went unsold.
As usual I have separated the items by Doctor era, and you can see the rest of the items here:

Here are just the lots relating to the First Doctor era

Lot 257
Fairground Dalek
A surviving Fairground Dalek children's ride, built by Edwin Hall Ltd. Non working. Life size.
Sold for £ 1,560
Lot 263
A Collection of Twenty Dr. Who Scripts
including The Curse of the Daleks, Genesis of the Daleks, Planet of Giants and Paradise Towers
Sold for £ 66

Lot 273
Draft Copy of The Gunfighters
Novelization of Doctor Who-The Gunfighters by Donald Cotton.
Estimate: £100 - 150

Lot 274
Blueprint Longleat exhibition
A plan blueprint from the BBC Dr. Who Exhibition at Longleat.
Estimate: £100 - 120

Lot 291
Original Acetate pressing.
Ron Grainer's original theme from Dr. Who single sided 12 inch 78 rpm Actetate dated 10 May 1963. BBC label with hand written Ref No C/PT 4758 X. Original brown paper sleeve.
Estimate: £600 - 800

Lot 300
Doctor Who Illustrated A-Z
Original Art by Lesley Standring for Doctor Who Illustrated A-Z. Sarah-Jane, Steven, Susan and Sarah Kingdom. Colour on art board. 15 x 22 inches
Estimate: £200 - 250

Lot 303
Doctor Who Illustrated A-Z
Original Artwork by Lesley Standring from 'Doctor Who Illustrated A-Z' (1985), "Davros and Daleks", colour image. 15in x 22in.
Estimate: £250 - 300

Monday 15 February 2016

The First Doctor -
as played by THE WAR DOCTOR!

Ever wondered what might have been?

What if The War Doctor had been an earlier incarnation?

What if he said that immortal speech at the end of The Dalek Invasion Of Earth?
Well at Gallifrey One this year, as part of his stage talk on the Sunday, legendary actor Sir John Hurt did just that!

Sunday 31 January 2016

Bonhams FLASHBACK: -
24th August 1992 Entertainment Sale

Last week I showed you the content of a Bonhams sale from January 1992. In it a large number of ex-BBC Costume Dept outfits from Doctor Who were sold off.

Since then I have found another catalogue from 1992, this time from August.

Interestingly a number of the extensive Doctor Who items sound very much like those sold back in January, though with much higher estimates this time around.

More recently I think we have seen some of these lots continuing to be sold on. It’s fascinating to trace the items back through the various auction catalogues, following the prices they sell for.

As usual I have separated the items by Doctor era, and you can see the rest of the items here:
Here are just the lots relating to the First Doctor era

Lot 644 A toy clockwork Dalek, in blue and silver livery (one arm broken, one missing).
Estimate £20-30

Lot 645 The Dr. Who Annual, 1966, 93 pages, with colour illustrations and colour hard cover, published by World Distributors by arrangement with the BBC.
Estimate £40-60

Lot 646 An early Dalek construction kit, by Marx Toys in original pictorial box.
Estimate £30-50

Lot 647 William Hartnell: a black and white 5.5 x 3.5in. photograph, signed in ink on reverse. Estimate £50-80

Lot 648 Dr. Who—The Auction, Catalogue from 11th May 1991, sale of selected costumes from the Wardrobe, 42 page catalogue with black and white illustrations, colour cover, together with a sheet of prices. (2)
Estimate £10-20

Lot 650 A colour poster, for the film ‘Dalek: Invasion Earth 2150 AD’, starring Peter Cushing as the Doctor.

Lot 651 A red and silver Dalek, believed to have featured in the film ‘Dalek: Invasion Earth 2150 AD’ with Peter Cushing as Dr. Who.
Won in a breakfast cereal competition in the 1960’s.
See illustration.

Lot 652 A Dalek, scratchbuilt to a high standard and realistically modelled and finished in grey and black.
Estimate £400-600

Lot 655 Two linen bodices, With large padded sleeves and brown trousers to match, possibly to be worn under some form of body armour from a l960’s/
1970’s episode.
Estimate £50-80

Lot 656 ‘The Aztecs’, 1964 (William Hartnell) A Jungle Cat headpiece/mask, worn by Ixta (Ian Cullen), together With a photocopy of a still showing the rear view.
Estimate £300—500

Lot 659 Early BBC television Dalek from the late 1960’s.
Estimate £1,000-2,000
Footnote: This Dalek is sold in aid of Bedford Round Table and has for several years been used to generate street collections and general fundraising.
Some modifications have been made during a long charitable life to atone for previous evil deeds and it is now painted red, white and blue. It could however be restored to its 1960’s condition to provide a rare opportunity to own an early example of one of the most famous and popular screen
See illustration.