Thursday, 3 September 2015

Original 1st Doctor item on eBay -
September 2015

I spotted this super item on eBay this month. It hails from the glory days of Dalekmania and is now super rare to find, especially in this complete form.

The listing has some great accompanying photos.

Chad Valley Doctor Who Give-a-Show Projector set
One of the hardest items of Doctor Who merchandise to get hold of.

Produced in 1965. It is NOT immaculate but it is in very good condition, particularly when you consider it's a child's toy that's now 50 years old.

The box lid is not tatty at all, but very good. Some minor scuffing and one upright (the corner bit) has been repaired. Very little creasing. Impressive!

The base of the box is less good: some warping and discolouration, and the uprights on the corners have all been repaired.

Projector is in good condition. I don't know if it still works; as it's just a glorified torch, it should be easy enough to get going.

The tray for the slides and projector is very good.

THE SLIDES ARE COMPLETE. Each strip tells a story. They're good, but they're not mint: some creasing and wear to the card that holds the transparencies.

You will be pleased to hear that the Daleks have perfected a machine called the Earthman Detector, and that it malfunctions because a cat gets in the way. Also, the Zomites are intelligent insects from the planet Skaro, which attack Dr Who and his chums.

The stories, alas, are execrable.

Please note: this has been described in full and in good faith. Buyers of high value items can sometimes be disappointed that their items are not in mint condition. It is in the condition described: no better, no worse.

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