Thursday, 22 December 2016

Original 1st Doctor times on eBay - December 2016

Looking around on eBay I came across this gorgeous little item.

I do love the styling of the 1960s and the graphics on the box.

Dalek Erazaboard Set 1965 by Bell Toys
Here we have an original 1960's (1965) Bell Toys Dalek Erazaboard Set

Thought to be only 3 or 4 left in existence, this is an item that most of us will not see for sale in our life time. All others that are known about are in private collections not for sale.

Here we bring on the open market one for sale, the piece is a nice display item with the box measuring 490mm x 240mm.

This is complete and comes with

6 x Erazboards
1 x Pack of Chalks
1 x Pack of Wax Crayons
All original 1965 Inner box, lid and bottom box

Considering this is from 1965 it is in great condition, only two parts of the lid have come away - please check pictures - other than that it is complete with all Erazaboards complete.

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