Wednesday 10 June 2015

Original 1st Doctor items on eBay -
May 2015

This is a very nice item I spotted a month back on eBay.

I would sound a word of caution - this is NOT the original artwork, but a recreation of it by the original artist.

Doctor Who 1967 Annual Original Cover Artwork by Walt Howarth

Doctor Who 1967 Annual Cover Original Artwork by Walt Howarth - Mint Art
Great piece of original full colour artwork by the undoubted legend of TV art of the sixties and seventies - Walt Howarth

This is a recreation of the cover to the 1967 Dr Who annual by the original artist featuring a lovely full face picture of Hartnell plus nice action scene.

With the original lost Walt was commissioned to do one off recreations of his covers some years before he died. I personally think this is a far better composition than the first annual cover.

This is not a print - this is the full colour original painted artwork

The art itself is in mint condition having never been framed or displayed with no fading whatsoever.

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