Friday 10 July 2015

Costume index - appendix

Post regeneration, the First Doctor also made a couple of cameo returns to the series for the tenth and twentieth anniversary specials.
I am not going to cover the 50th anniversary appearances as these were colourised archive clips or just walk-on wearing replica costumes

The Three Doctors

Due to William Hartnell’s ill health, he only appears in a brief black and white filmed insert and via a video-link on the TARDIS view screen. 

This makes it is near impossible to accurately confirm the costume he wore, so I am therefore using the publicity stills taken at the time as sole reference

Coat Black jacket with notched collar, edging piped with black silk braid

Waistcoat Cream checked design, with four pockets

Shirt White wing-collar design

Tie Black blue silk cravat, tied in a large bow

Trousers Unknown

Shoes Unknown

NB. The Doctor wears a monocle on a chain around his neck

The Five Doctors
Now played by Richard Hurndall, the First Doctor appears in a somewhat idealised costume, which in reality is quite far from William Hartnell’s version - the gloves are unique to this interpretation of his attire

Coat Black morning coat with knee-length tails and notched collar

Waistcoat Cream in diamond shaped jacquard design with rounded points

Shirt White wing-collar design

Tie Black silk cravat, tied in a large bow

Trousers High waisted, dark charcoal grey wool

Shoes Black spats shoes

NB. The Doctor carries his walking stick, has a monocle around his neck on a chain and wears fingerless grey wooden gloves

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  1. I thought Hurndall's fingerless gloves were a reference to The Tenth Planet, where the First Doctor wears fingerless mittens with his cloak and hat.


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