Wednesday, 8 July 2015

DALEKMANIA! Marx toy Daleks on eBay

When I report on items I find on eBay I limit myself to production used costumes and props, or behind the scenes stuff like scripts.

But I came across these beautiful Dalek toys dating from mid 1960s, each with their original boxes and meticulously photographed, so I thought it good reference material post. Especially for the boxes, which are often lost.

This batch of Daleks I found are all the battery operated variety.

I imagine this black example is a bit unusual, as personally I have only seen the silver versions.

Marx 1965 Black Dalek
SOLD FOR £37.55

This second example is silver, with a black bumper.

Marx 1965 Silver and Black Dalek

This version is also silver, but with a blue bumper.

Marx 1965 Silver and Blue Dalek
SOLD FOR £76.99

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